Calendar of Events

"The Teddy Bears Picnic" at the Lighthouse Theatre

A brand new theatre show for preschool audiences. Set at family friendly prices, the production brings young children and parent into theatres around the country.

Jamie meets Little Bear in the forest and together they explore the values of friendship, meeting new people and engaging in social interaction.

Teddy Bears Picnic contains brand new music that is not only enjoyable but instantly memorable, encouraging children to sing and dance along from beggining to end.

Quality and attention to detail has certainly not been left wanting with a well designed set that transports audiences to a forest and then to the highly anticipated Picnic hosted by Big Bear. The voice of the charming and endearing Big Bear is played by Wink Taylor from the Sooty Show & the easily relatable Little Bear is voiced by Milkshake presenter, David Ribi.

Producer Matt Brinkler says "Our goal is to produce new work that brings younger generations to the theatre. With Teddy Bears we have created something that merges together a loveable, familiar theme with fresh material. It brings in the whole family and they leave humming the songs, even the mums and dads!"

Aimed at ages up to 4 years old, but enjoyed by all ages, the show will be at 1pm at the Lighthouse theatre. To book call the box office on 01536 414141 or visit: